PEPA CASELLES – La Jackson Pollock de la Marina Alta

Pepa Caselles Pedrós, known as the Jackson Pollock of La Marina Alta, was born in Gata de Gorgos in 1937. From a very young age, Pepa was attracted to drawing. She is moved when she recounts one of her childhood memories: one day, the teacher asked her if the drawings in front of her had been made by her, but out of fear and shame, she said no. Until the age of 46, he would not paint again. Pepa would return to painting at the age of 46, beginning as a student of Antonio Vives, a painter from Gata and initiator of the local painting school.

She found in painting a path of numerous possibilities that she knew could make her happy. In 1992, hand in hand with her intuition and her new teacher Josep Ginestar, she succeeded in expressing what she had inside her and it will be from this moment on that Pepa Caselles finds her true way of painting, rebellious and fierce.

Pepa says that she paints in a way rebolished in a unique and also transgressive way, just like her favorite painter, Francisco de Goya, did in the last creative stage marked by the dark and gloomy expressionism visible in her black paintings. She paints as she wants , without any limitation and since 1992 its tools are brooms, mops and buckets, tools that throughout history have been considered only feminine, used by women in the private spaces of the houses and away from the rationality and intelligence, according to patriarchy.

With them, along with his feet, some brushes and cardboard in various formats as a support, he manages to create on the floor of his workshop, without an easel or table, an explosion of abstract forms in constant experimentation, combining paint and water with your personal expression.

This is how Pepa becomes an expressionist and informalist abstraction painter, where she feels strong and sure of herself and where she gives herself to her painting with determination and freedom, creating a new expressive language where her unconscious has been released to form a maremágnum of colors, textures and stains full of energetic gestures. The authenticity and the force that it radiates, makes her constantly explore expressive paths and possibilities that make her unique while making a painting where the action is the connecting element between her and the surface with which she works.