CARLOS MATI is a Spanish artist based in Jávea, Alicante.

Graduated in fine arts from the University of Pontevedra, his life as an artist has taken him to exotic places around the world in search of his own language.

In his most recent work we find influences from his stay for 8 years in Thailand and other years in Mexico.

The artworks of the HOPI HOPE Collection are a deep immersion in an abstract world elevated to another dimension, where the artist brings the convergence between the human and the divine closer to the viewer. His works stand out for the formats created with the containers where the rice rests after cooking in Thailand, for its sacred geometry and for the application of color.

The works of the MICROMUNDOS Collection are a deep immersion in a world unknown to mortals, where the artist transports the viewer to a fabulous world apparently from another galaxy where he discovers us beings of great spirit and very friendly.

His works in this collection stand out for their great attention to detail, the time dedicated to their creation, an elevated imagination and a color scheme that captivates the soul.

His works are part of international private collections. It is an essential artist in the collections of art lovers.

HOPI HOPE Collection